Lack of interest Please provide Preferences Option to not be tracked by Google and Twitter


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I would like to see an option provided in Preferences which would allow the logged in member to disable cookie tracking from Google and Twitter.

Privacy is a important concern for many people and I think this would be an excellent option to have.

At the moment the following cookies are set without any option to disable:



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Those cookies aren't set by XenForo, so the software has no control over if or when they get set. There are plenty of browser plugins your members could install to manage this across every site they visit if it is such a large concern for them.


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Could the share buttons be hidden on forum view? If you want to share, then you click the title for it to load. The share buttons then animate like a drop-down or have it as a share overlay like it is with every post.

Wouldn't this also speed up page load times on the front page as it doesn't have to fetch the share buttons?


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XenForo could have an option to disable the Google and Twitter share buttons in the Preferences options. That way if a member wishes to not be tracked, they would have that option.

Should I start a new XenForo Suggestion thread requesting this feature?


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Thanks, Alpha.

What I would love to see a one click option in the Preferences page that would completely disable all social share buttons. That way when I visit a site like I have the option to disable all share buttons.