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XF 1.2 Please post how long it took for your Import (import speed, conversion time, import time)

How did your import go ? (Multiple choices allowed)

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Digital Doctor

Well-known member
The time it takes to import your old forum into Xenforo depends on many factors such as:
(1) Number of Posts and Threads in your forum
(2) Speed of the Server (CPU, RAM)
(3) If the import fails a step.
(4) If you need to repeat the import.

@Jake Bunce @Adam Howard @Slavik
Could you post some "estimates" to help answer this question (Pre Sales people often want to know).

(1) 30.000 threads and 150.000 posts. i7 970 processor server with SSD. Any estimated time ?
Max two hours ( conversion and rebuild cache)
Note: Large vBulletin Boards should use this importer:
vBulletin Big Board Importer [vBulletin 3 + vBulletin 4]
18 million posts in 2 hours. I am guessing the web-based importer would take 3 days.
To help others ... Please post how long your import took !
Include where you can ...

(1) Number of Threads in your forum
(2) Number of Posts in your forum
(3) Your webhost and/or Details of your Server's CPU, RAM, Hard drive.
(4) The software and version you are importing from
(5) Other details: anything special about your import
(6) Did something go wrong ? How much time did fixing it take ?
(7) Did you use Import Tools by Waindigo ?
(8) What did you learn about Importing to Xenforo that you wish you knew beforehand ?

Adam Howard

Well-known member
I've done my own sites and as you imagine, I've helped a lot of people as well.

The definitive answer is not going to be the answer you're looking for..... The answer is that it varies. :barefoot:

This is because each site is different & the requirements and needs for that site maybe different.

I've used both the normal imported, the unofficial importers, and even the "big" importer. They all varied depending on how much content needed to be imported, how quick the server was, and what other requirements were needed to get the job done. :coffee:

But if you wanted to force a number out of thin air... I guess typically on your stock install, with no extras, mid size community, and assume you have everything already installed.... 15 minutes.

But again, that's a guestimate, because the truthful answer is that it varies. Anyone who gives you a guaranteed fixed number is full of fluff.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
What people really want is a semi-reliable guess.
Say for the average 50,000 post or 100,000 post vB3 ... how long is it going to take ... average + range.

Adam Howard

Well-known member
What people really want is a semi-reliable guess.
Say for the average 50,000 post or 100,000 post vB3 ... how long is it going to take ... average + range.
What you want is not an exact science. There are far to many possibilities and variables. This is true for any forum software import and not just XenForo.

For example, I had someone who was on phpBB. They had only 50 members, 10,000 post, and 3,000 threads. But because they were on a bad host that kept failing & locking up, it took over a day (I ended up moving them to a new host). Now technically, I could argue that it should have been 5 minutes, which it was once they were on a new host.

Of course that was an extreme example. But never the less still an example of how an outside thing could change that time line.

If you want me to pull a number out of a hat. One which will be meaningless & wrongfully used as standard... Pick your own number.

The correct answer, no matter if you like it or not, is that it varies.