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XF 1.4 please help

It was a disruption resulting from the server with the company as of this morning, the server did not respond for about 6 hours, say that now corrected. and yet there are still bugs in the system benım warning.

The server's response is,

Dear Customer;

You are experiencing this problem originating IP gözükmektedir.sunuc parties keep records of your application process does not configure bi Or, as a regulation.
We recommend that you review your application on the subject.

with best regards
Turhost.co Customer Service

What kind of process should be done in this regard



XenForo moderator
Staff member
That sounds like an issue with your host.
You will need to contact them for support and a resolution.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
At the very least you need to repair or truncate the session table.

There may be further database corruption as a result of the unscheduled outage.

You need to contact your host if you don't know how to repair the table but I would probably be considering restoring from a recent backup if there are multiple errors, assuming too much content wouldn't be lost.