XF 1.4 Please help! Website is not loading in browsers correctly. Is this a Virus?

oO5 Dynasty

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Having browser issues! For some strange reason, my website is not showing up correctly in any browser. At first it was ie and chrome it wouldn't show correctly in. I was using opera and it was showing fine. I logged into my website today and it stopped showing correctly in opera. This is with out me doing any work to my website at all in the past 3-4 days. So im totally confused as to whats going on. The extra.css file doesn't seem to be loading, and the Navigation sticky navigation system seems to push the page down. Please any support would help. I also cleared my browser setting etc, and still nothing.



The main page is all black, but now u see white. I hid all the titles etc. its just a lot i see that is wrong.


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The first starting point, as always, is to disable all add-ons and switch to an unedited default style. Once you have done this, does the site work? If so, then switch to your custom theme. Does your site work then? If so, then start enabling add-ons one-by-one until you find the culprit.