XF 1.4 Please Help! Something is blocking me from viewing my site correctly

oO5 Dynasty

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If I can please receive help from somebody about this issue.
I was designing my website one day and everything was perfectly fine.
Next day I go on to my website and its not showing correctly.

Sooooooo, I think my ip has been black listed, which is giving me issue with viewing my website correctly. I am the web designer for www.oO5Dynasty.com I access my website everyday to do updates etc. the main template I use to customize my website is the extra.css file. Just this week my computer stopped me from viewing some of the website features. Most of them dealing with the extra.css template. So I actually did a system wipe on my computer with a hard reset on my router and modem. Still the problem was their. So I contacted my isp and they had me use a different computer to view my website from my home. I use my laptop thru wifi and was able to see the website correctly. which tells me my computer is being blocked from some where.

Website: www.oO5Dynasty.com

Please help!