XF 2.1 Please help me fix my database.


Long story short. I have a website running under XenForo and I wanted to set up a new website instance under a subdirectory.

I did created the database and user, assigned all privileges and during the installation wizard, I updated the configuration with the new database credentials.
After clicking next , I encountered some XF errors, I was trying to troubleshoot the cause by looking to see if there are any debug logs and during that , I also checked my main website which is pulling up the Oops! We ran into some problems.

Looking at the internet and in the forum it seems like the install script deleted some tables from my database which i haven't backed it up for a while ..

Is there any way to recover the deleted tables and make my website work again? As I really need to recover everything since I have some customers and the complaints already started to flow in .

Please advise.
It's not really clear what you have done but with regards to this:
the install script deleted some tables from my database
The install script wouldn't do that unless you were doing something in a non standard way.

Ultimately, if the tables have been deleted and you don't have a backup, then the data is gone.
Hello Brogan,
As I mentioned, these were the steps I made and I don't know if this is a standard way or not as I am not very familiar with XenForo.

Looking on the database on my existing website I can see that almost every table is empty even if the database has 11mb in size.

These were my steps:
1. Copied the whole content from my website folder and added it into a subfolder /store
2. Created a new database and user and added user privileges to that database
3. Deleted the xf-lock in the install folder and went to browser and accessed the installation URL
4. I updated the credentials to reflect my new user and database and click next.
5. A list of XF errors highlighted in RED showed up

Thank you for your reply
3. Deleted the xf-lock in the install folder and went to browser and accessed the installation URL
If you deleted the lock file then that allows a new installation to be performed, and that will have overwritten the original database.
There would have been a warning about that before proceeding.

I still don't really understand what you were trying to do.

If you were trying to move or duplicate a site, you just copy the files, import the database, and update the config.php settings.
Guys. I know I messed up, I though of this as something similar to WordPress but this is way too advanced and thankfully my VPS was set to perform daily backups as @beerForo highlighted.
Next time I should pay more attention and read properly the documentation.

Please mark this threat as fixed or close it if possible and thank you all for your help.
Glad to hear that a backup is available.

If you need any further help, feel free to post a new thread with exactly what it is you want to do and we will be able to help.
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