Please Don't Get Jira


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Or whatever that crap is called over at I like how everything is set up on your site. It's like a mixture of both and minus the b.s.


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That Jira program is crap. I am not sure if it is how it is implemented at vB (and that's my only experience with it). But, it just seems to be a hard to navigate list that has little bearing on what they are actually working on- in terms of what people write and what gets addressed. At this point, looking at it is essentially meaningless to me (well, actually, it just confuses me).

Things seem to be working well enough here now. Agreed, don't use Jira here.

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I think the JIRA is the type of program that gets chosen when your company has enough money for a Project Manager. Project Managers like to see how all the workers are doing on various aspects of the Project. JIRA is something that I see a company like IB deciding to use, but I would highly doubt xenforo would put up with all the bloat.


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Jira is not user-friendly. Looks like garbation mixed with pukeroids. You know there's a huge disconnect with a software company when they can't even show their customers the latest updates and bug fixes without making them jump through hoops. I don't even want to click through it anymore. I'm switching my other forum over to XF next time I get paid.


Wild guess, but they use internal services, and the public forums here. Which works fine.
Internally they might be using svn/trac and other software that would make sense.

Nothing wrong with a simple integrated project manager :
Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 5.30.11 AM.png