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I'm ashamed to admit it... I have one and love it. Truth is that I bought it to double as a bluray and audio player (I uploaded high quality MP3 files and it's now a jukebox too.) I don't really play games at all but the ones that are the major crowd pleasers when I have company include the Move. You can get a set for under $100 (all you need is 2 controllers) and the Sports Champions game that comes with it will keep the fun going for hours. I bought Fight Night to train when I can't make it downtown to the Dojang but haven't really had the time nor inclination to take it very far since I play basketball on some nights instead (real beats virtual any day.) I'm probably underutilizing my PS3 so I'm likely the wrong person to ask, lol.


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I have gotten my main PSN username working with my new PS3, so expect an invite from CarlosX360. And I'll be adding you too, Jaxel! :)

Hey, John, what's your PSN?