Add-on PlayStation Network Redeem Code Script

Carla Birch

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I run a site based on a playstation 3 platform and from time to time we get big lists of network redeem codes to give away that are number and letter codes in following format: ****-****-****

Giving the codes out by hand is a slow and time taking process so what I'm looking for is a system where i can add a list of codes via the admin cp and signed in users can then go to a page on the site and click a link where they will be given one of the codes and that code will then be removed from the list so that its not given to anyone else.

The system should send that code to the user via forum PC & the users email, it would also be handy is the system had a count down on the redeem page saying how many codes are left and when no codes are left the link to get a code swaps to say there is no codes.

I don't have a great deal of money for this but i am willing to pay if within my range and then let the coder sell the script on this site because i'm sure some other people might run playstation based sites that deal with giving out redeem codes also.
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