XF 2.0 Place a Logo/Banner on Mobile View


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For small screen/mobile users, I want a image to appear with the smaller version of the banner that is displayed on desktop mode, and this version is completely different as I have designed it just for mobile devices, as per Xenforo 1.5x. (I just updated to 2.x)

So I don't want to place it within the navigation bar at the top, which can be specified under Appearance-Styles-xenForo Style-Style properties-Basic options: 2x logo URL field.

I want it to sit above the name of the board and under the nav bar at the top, and take up the full width of the screen.

I want this logo to only appear for mobile devices, not for larger, like tablets, as the image I have now for desktop seems to scale down fine for other resolutions.

I have placed in a 1px x 1px transparent image under the 2x logo URL field, as I don't want anything there.

I'm using the stock xenforo theme. (xenForo Style — I'm been unable to find a theme I like to replace the one I had before (which was never updated to 2.0), so just went with the XenForo Style)

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I want the 2x/mobile logo to show not only on mobile devices, but also when the desktop browser is resized to very narrow widths. How do I modify the code provided in this thread to do that?

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It should do that, you choose a pixel width and that is when the css should apply whether it's a mobile device or a narrow desktop browser. I think.