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We're back with a huge revamp on our website. We've been around for over 5 years so we've been through quite the design changes over the years. With this particular revamp the main goal was to make everything easier for our clients and get upgraded to XF2. Our entire site is powered by XenForo with a surprisingly limited amount of add-ons. We're also taking advantage of Font Awesome 5 Pro, I backed the Kickstarter in the early days and I'm excited to finally put it use!

Our homepage: https://pixelexit.com/
This page was built using just your normal page node but also the brand new page assets we've included in all of our styles. It's easy to load up specific elements on specific pages such as the slider.

Our new Support area: https://pixelexit.com/support/

The goal behind this was to give our users an even more streamlined approach to support. If you've been a customer of ours you know we pride ourselves on what we think is rather outstanding support :D so this was just to help that even further. The navigational buttons above the listing are powered via simple conditionals.

Our documentation: https://pixelexit.com/documentation/
We never intended to document every single option we included in the style but we did want to provide some essentials we felt all clients should know. This was built using the page nodes and our new page assets.

Our styles: https://pixelexit.com/products/

We're excited to upgrade from our old Product Manager to the XF2 version of it XRPM by @Chris D. We completely recoded the product view to cater to our needs by leveraging the built-in custom fields and a variety of other goodies :).

Our forum design services: https://pixelexit.com/services/
This is another custom page node using our page assets however if you scroll down a tiny bit you'll see a scroll with some of our work which is a widget from the media gallery.

Our portfolio: https://pixelexit.com/portfolio/
This is built on the Media Gallery, we cut out a bunch of the features on the gallery but it honestly works perfectly for what we need. The widget was just a nice touch that I could actually include on our services page, I was getting ready to custom code one :D.

Some thank you's...

@Chris D for his XR Product Manager
@Snog for his Advanced Forms (clients submit a custom work request through this)
@Liam W for his Post Macros (macros are such a nice thing for repetitive tasks)

And thank you to our loyal clients, I wouldn't be able to do this full time for over 5 years if it wasn't for all of you!

If you're interested in custom work on your XenForo forum please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
The whole site, not just the forums, looks fantastic. Really professional, clean and sleek design. Great work.

Probably the second best XF site I've seen ;)

I wonder what site you could ever be referring too :D, thank you for the kind words Gemma!

Really stellar job as we've come to expect with PixelExit!


Thank you for your continued support over the years!
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