Picture with tooltip and bbcode spoiler SEO question


Hi guys!

I'm recently started with xenForo about 1.5 weeks ago.
First week I am actually learning how everything works and it took me 3 days to understand how I could make my own prefix for threads with icons.
With alot of happiness and joy when I figured it out : >!
My website is slowly getting the functionality I want it to have.

Furthermore my 2 questions I couldn't find in any FAQ's or in the search tab.

- Is it possible to uploading a picture/icon and adding a tooltip bar with your text when you hover your mouse over the picture/icon in the extra.css file ?

- How does SEO exactly work when i'm using a Spoiler "BBCode" and does the spoiler button hide the information for search engines like google?
Basicly my information only pops up when I click on the Spoiler button.
Like example on my first post on this thread on my forum : Link


About spoiler (toggle display:none/inline values with js) :

About your first question, if you're speaking about adding a button to the editor or even adding a toolbar outsidte the editor, you will need to do more than to modify css values.
Thank you for your reply Cédric,

I will read up more about the display:none if its considered black hat.
And i have no idea where i can toggle it on and off with JS :p sorry i'm new to all of this.

And about the Toolbar I could give you an example:
Hover on these icons and u get a tooltip bar


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Do you mean the tooltip that appears when you hover over the link? That can be achieved with tipsy or something similar. I am fairly certain xF has such a jQuery plugin included, but I am not sure how to call it. It would probably require some custom coding if you want BBCode or similar.

The display:none is a valid technique, used in many situations. For example, most drop down menus use this technique, spoiler is another legitimate use of it. Google is more interested if you are deliberately hiding content from users, such as links etc. I would not worry about it.