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Hello Xenforo specialists!

I am going for the change and move to xenforo with my forum. At the moment im running an old phpbb forum. I have updated my test version to the latest phpbb version and i think im ready to go for xenforo and import everything.

Do i need to install the same seomod on phpbb 3 before I install xenforo. Or can I move on and do the seo rules later?

I know im gonna need some help to get the same urls as in my phpbb (2.0.X) forum.



Thats ok for me as well. I dont want to loose traffic and its for 150.000 pages. I would think for seo i would be better off to just keep the urls the way they are. (for example to keep correct incoming links from other websites). At the moment they are like this:


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Thannks for your anser dknife! When i go for 301 redirect, is that possible for 150.000 pages. Is there a script to do this? Do you use the topic id's?
The amount of pages isn't really relevant if you keep the same ids when importing. Then it's just a matter of a regex redirect from old to new using htaccess or nginx script. This can be done for most regular forum content types like threads, posts and member profiles for example.


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You do lose some link juice by going 301 instead of keeping the exact same URL, but there are so many benefits that this is a no-brainer. Life gets much better after leaving phpBB. :D