XF 1.5 PHP version upgrade


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Today I have purchased the extension and tried to update my forum to 1.5.1. In the upgrade screen, I got a recommendation to upgrade to PHP 5.4. In my hosting, the default PHP version is 5.3 with the option to set to any other version. So, I set 5.4 active, but then I needed to enable extensions manually. As per xenforo error message, I enabled few extensions (snapshot below), but couldn't find one of the listed extension "simleXML" (listed in upgrade screen). However, the upgrade was successful without any issue.

So, here are my questions:
1) Will there be any issue due to the absence of simpleXML extension?
2) Can you suggest if I should enable any of the unchecked extension below?




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Thanks a lot. However i don't see PCRE, SPL, SimpleXML, iconv, ctype in my list. But my xf installation is running fine.

Is there any issue that i am not seeing (i have pretty limited idea about technical side)?