Photoshop Question?


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Anyone know of any good tutorial websites for photoshop or know what thats called when I make a circle with a watermark/copyright logo inside and it looks as if its been branded on the image....branded in like a cow when you brand it with hot metal rod.


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I think that is called watermarking. There's a couple of ways to do it in Photoshop. Either type your text as a new layer in whatever colour font you want, and then reduce the opacity so it fades into the image below. Or, you can turn your text or shape into a brush, and just put that onto your image at the required opacity. If you're using a PC you can use the text tool then type ALT plus 0169 which is the shortcode for the copyright symbol. If you want to make it look "stamped" into the image below then use layer properties and add a bevel.
Ingenious said it best, most would use a text layer white the color white or black on a low opacity, and duplicate it around the image (ctrl+j) as necessary.

You could as an alternative try a blending mode in the layers panel, like soft light, overlay, or the like! :)