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Photo CAPTCHA 0.0.2

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Arty submitted a new resource:

Photo CAPTCHA (version 0.0.1) - captcha

This is a simple CAPTCHA based on ASIRRA project's idea.
User sees multiple images of different objects and must select images of correct type, such as dogs or cats.

Its a good choice for your forum because its not a standard CAPTCHA, so spam bots can't solve it yet, its easy to customize and its very friendly to visitors.

Important: this add-on is in alpha development stage. It is working, but it does not have many...
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Adam Howard

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I love this concept. It sure saves on load time as it does not depend on an outside server for Captcha. Also seems to be mobile web friendly and that is a growing concern for many administrators.

Well done :)


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Once More Images will be available , i will surely implement this great add on. Waiting for the Next Update.


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Once More Images will be available , i will surely implement this great add on. Waiting for the Next Update.
Why is more images important? Does it lower it's effectiveness?

Btw, is this as effective as keycaptcha? reluctant to switch over cause keycaptcha hasn't let a single spammer though but it's not very mobile friendly.


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Photocaptcha is anytime better than key captcha.

I used to get lots of spam even on key captcha but after switching to photo captcha, I hardly get any.


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The only spam I'm getting on 2 forums where I run this is manual spam.
Damn those kitchen designs [insert UK city].... no captcha can stop those :(

is this compatible with 1.2?
It should work fine with 1.2 though I haven't tested it yet


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No. This works very well.

The only problem is there is no interface for configuring images but its not a big deal - configuration is very simple.
@Arty i closed that forum but i opened a movie forums and i tried your addon and it works thanks

Im going to change picture to movies or something tho haha nice addon


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@Arty How do I change the Text:
Please select all images of

I searched in the phrases and templates, but did not find the sentence. I want to change the color of the subject in something better readable, because when you use a dark style the text is barely readable :)

And kudos for this add-on.