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XF 1.4 Philosophy of not displaying banned users?

As I've gotten more familiar with Xenforo, I've appreciated the way the functionality is so carefully thought out, with improvements coming in sometimes counter-intuitive ways. Can you tell me the thought process behind this feature of banning?
By default there is no outward indication that a member has been banned.
It's different from our setup on vBulletin, so we've had users and staff asking for us to modify it back the way it was. I figure the Xenforo devs might have a rationale for leaving it alone, and if so I'm interested to hear it.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It provides the option to site owners/administrators whether to indicate it or not.

If they don't want to indicate it, do nothing.
If they do, create a use group and add the appropriate styling, etc.