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Personal Request for an RP Map mod?


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Not sure if it's possible or maybe I could make it myself (but I don't know how to code it properly). There is this foreign website I follow and for their Role Play section they have a little map where it's marked in several places and when you hover over said marks, it shows the location of where a member's character is.


rp mod.PNG

I'm not sure if this is possible or not... Like put it on a separate tab page on the navigation and make it so members can click where they are (not changing others locations save for admins and mods). Thought it would be easier to find where people are currently than keep checking on central thread.

Um yeah... Not sure if anyone can do this. I was just wondering and asking. I can't pay much for it right now (sort of tight on money at the moment).

So yeah, reply if ya want. >_<


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Sorry for necromancy posting...

I guess this maybe a bit tough to code? I can pay for it a bit now (got money saved up).


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No no. It's not that I want that. I want it for an RP thing.

For example, since my site is a Zelda site, I'd make a map of Hyrule. That map of Hyrule is made and has locations to places like Kakariko Village, Lake Hylia, Skyloft, etc. Each member would click on it and show where there character is currently instead of saying it in a central topic and having members spend days finding their locations.


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Ah yes! Something similar to those! As long as a member can click on the map and input something like: "{Character Name}" on "Kakariko Village" and maybe they have a second character in "Kokiri Forest". And admins can change locations of places and things like say the villians. "AtrumLevis moves "Ganondorf" from "Hyrule Castle" back to "Gerudo Desert"." Just a thought.

Plugin could be popular for RP based boards. :p And I don't think VB has a mod like it.