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0815 submitted a new resource:

InfoTo... - Inform other users quickly and easily about a post.

Idea for this add-on:

If someone has read a post and would like others to become aware of it - without others knowing about it. This leaves only a few time-consuming options, e.g. starting a PN.

With this add-on it is easy: type in the username and send. The user(s) receive an alert.
It serves to provide simple and quick information to others.

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Very nice dear random number dev, like all of your add-ons.

Since all of then are in Beta, I'm waiting a little more before install on my live site.

About the name... hm...

Lets see... Send Post Alert?

Or, Send Post Notification?

Maybe sbj suggestion?

Hard to give a add-on an name. o_O


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This is a really cool idea. You're coming out with some bangers between this and the vacation one.

I agree the name could be a bit more intuitive.

Maybe "notify users" or "private user tagging" or "private content sharing" (would be a bit more content agnostic is you extended it to resources, media etc.)


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"Personal Post Alerts" is nice Add-on idea :)

Flood control might be a good/necessary feature (if that isn't already the case?)


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@0815 can you add Mentionable user groups tag in your addon?


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this phrase is missing



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Is there a way to log this or add a Report function to prevent users from abusing this by attacking/insulting each other behind the scene?