XF 1.3 Permissions


I am admin on my forum and I have given all permissions to Moderator and Admin on my forum. However, whatever I do, it says (You have insufficient privileges to post here.).

I have all permissions in global permissions, individual node permissions, all node permissions, my individual user permissions... it just won't work! This is REALLY frustrating...
@Brogan This is when I use my username and I select the node where I have the problem.

Post new thread:
No (Details)
Forum Permissions - Post new thread
Global Permission Values
Unregistered / Unconfirmed:Not Set (No)
User Value:Allow
Content Permission Values
Nieuws - Administrative:Allow
Nieuws - Moderating:Allow
Nieuws - Registered:Never
Nieuws - User Value:Allow
Final Value (Content):No

I don't understand:

Final Value (Content):No

Why not? :(


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Read the guide I linked you to.

It explains how to set up cumualtive permissions.

If you aren't in Registered then you are doing it all wrong.

Tracy Perry

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@Brogan I have set 'Registered' to revoke all permissions for that node (except view, etc.) and now I can post!
Thanks @whynot and @Brogan for your help :)
Did you by chance read the guide that @Brogan linked you to. I have a sneaking suspicion you still don't have your base group for you as registered and are not fully using the permissions as designed but like you do with several other software packages.