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I'm just starting to design the user groups in my forum.

Having read Brogan's article regarding Permissions in Xenforo, I'm doing the following:

1) I removed some permissions from Registered group, such as I set No to Start conversation, View member lists, etc.
2) Then I create a new user group called Stable which has all options being set to No by default. So I open two windows side by side, one is Registered, another one is Stable. I just compare them side by side and see which option needs to be changed to yes, if it's not already set to yes in Registered.


Is it the recommended way of creating a new group?

What if I use an add-on called [BS] Clone user group which lets me make a duplicate of Registered and rename it to Stable. It got all the permissions of Registered. Then I just open the group Stable and make changes to the permissions.

Which one is preferred method and why?

And what about more "advanced" groups? Should I make change to them based on Registered or the last upper ranked group?

Then problem is, is it true that all "advanced" groups are designed with more and more permissions set to yes but there won't be some other changes like features removed/hidden when they're getting up the ladder? Is user group a ladder thing or variety thing? I'm still a beginner in this so I can't figure a picture yet.
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