XF 1.4 Permissions questions for Nodes


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I have a Node where I revoke replies for the lowest usergroup type, which applies to all sub-nodes. Now, I want to change it so just one of those sub-nodes can have replies allowed by certain usergroups. It looks like the revoke set in the parent node overrides all explicit Allow settings downstream. Is that correct? Would I have to instead go in and set all of the sub-nodes to revoke except for that one so that the parent node isn't controlling the permissions?


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An explicit Allow will override a Revoke.

Just set the reply permission for that user group to Allow in that node.


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I must have done something else long ago then that prevents replies in these nodes because I have all replies set to Allow and the quick reply box is not showing up. I analyzed permissions for myself and it says I have permission to post replies. But in a thread within that node it says I do not have permission to reply and the quickreply box is not displaying. I also did some searches in the templates to just to be sure I that didn't put some code in to prevent the quickreply from displaying for that node. What else could I check?


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I was fighting a plugin called Thread Starter. It disables replies for all except the thread started. Sorry. Should have checked that first.