Permissions question

Enguerran A

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Hey Guys,

So I'm revamping my permissions because my staff is getting bigger and bigger but I'm struggling with something.
Basically, I have a new group called "newser test" to people currently in test and a special permissions to let people release their articles alone.

I will set this "newser test" group to never being able to release their articles on their own BUT what happens if someone give the special permissions to a newser in test?

What do I need to do to get a group that will NEVER be able to release their articles on their own, even if someone give the permission to do that by mistake.


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It's impossible to prevent an administrator with the ability to manage users from granting the permission.

So if you want to prevent anyone else from changing the permissions, you need to demote the administrators or remove the ability to manage users.

Enguerran A

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My issue isn't about who will give the permission, it's more about permissions priority.
Permission 1 says that users cannot write in forum 2 (I used NEVER)
Permission 2 says that users cannot write in forum 1 (I used NEVER)

If someone has both of them, what will happen? Also, if I use REVOKE instead of NEVER? what will happen?