Permissions problem


Why doesn't this code:
XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_PermissionCache')->getContentPermissionsForItem($hookParams['user']['permission_combination_id'], 'node', $node_id);
return anything with sense?
Just : view => 1
Parameters are OK of course.

Database has been imported from vBulletin.
After that we did "rebuild cache".

What should I do to have this permission cache for nodes etc..?
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How can I get permissions for specific user (not visitor) and node ? I can't find function which returns this information. Maybe i should use my own query..
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Hmm I deleted record from xf_permission_cache_content for specific content_id and permission_combination_id and I saved permission for node again. Record has beed added but still "empty". Why ?
Ok I solved it... :)
I tried to get permission cache from "node" which type is CATEGORY
When I changed node_id to one of subforum of this "node" it works OK.