XF 1.2 Permissions problem.

Hello, I just purchased xenforo today and am still getting used to it. I have a question regarding usergroup permissions. I imported the members from my previous forum and now they are set as being in the "registered group". I've set the permissions for this usergroup the way I want to however there is a slight problem, it seems I still need to individually put the permissions for each user even though they are in this usergroup. By this I mean, when I click on the permissions of a user in the "registered" group, they still have every permission as "not set". Can anyone tell me why this is? Sorry for my noobishness I am still new to the software and the manual didn't really help me.

Thank you in advance!


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If you are viewing an individual user's permissions, it will show as Not Set (No) unless you have explicitly set them for the user.

Use the Permissions Analyzer if you want to check the actual permissions.