Permissions on users


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Im not clear even how to ask how and why this happens. After setting up admin user group I make a forum and there is no upload in that forum for the admin. then I go to node permissions set everything to yes for the admin and I still dont get the upload box.

What Im trying to do is have a new user group that is the only group that can upload a photo to the group and also give the admins and mods the full rights. What can be changing the rights?


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Check the permissions for every group the admin is a member of.
If any one of them has Never set then that is why.

Also check the user and node permissions.


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Permissions are cumulative so you can set the other groups to Not Set (No) and the admin group to Allow.

Or if it's for a specific node you can revoke it for those groups.

Or you can even do it at the user level.

There are several ways to approach it, depending on exactly how your board is set up really.