Permissions Issue


Ugh, permissions is going to be my bane...

I'm setting up a new forum for a game that offers as a Kickstarter tier access to special developer feedback forums. We've set them up using Xenforo. Specifically, the producers want everyone to be able to see the forums themselves and the topic list, but not to be able to read or post the actual topics. So just ticking the Private flag isn't enough for this use case. No problem, right? Xenforo has seperate flags for "view threads by others" and "view thread content". Unfortunately it doesn't work.

My group setup:

Registered (default, primary group id)
Developer+ (people with access to these forums, are also members of Registered)

My problem is that if I can't block Registered from these forums at all - if I set ANY negative perms for the Registered group, revoke as well as never, it blocks everyone in the Developer+ group subset as well, even if they are set to explicitly allow.

At this point I'm willing to just make them private forums for now but that doesn't work either.



Yes, and they can all view node, just not the thread content (which is expected behavior for people NOT in the group given access).

Switching the flag on the Registered group from Revoke to Allow gives everyone thread reading access (both Registered and Developer), activating it takes away thread reading access in both Registered and Developer groups.


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You haven't set "View Threads by Others" to Revoke or Never anywhere, have you?

Also, note, that using "tesT Permissions" applies the permissions to your permissions set, so if you are revoked from something, that will show it being revoked as well.


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I can take a look if you can give me an admin log in and also a log in of an account which should have access.

It won't be until later though as real life duties are calling.


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Looking into this it seems like "Test Permissions" is applying some odd conversations (but the default permissions system) functions correctly...