XF 2.1 Permissions issue


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My moderators group is allowed to undelete posts. My Elite member group is not.

One of my moderators told me that he couldn't undelete a post. I checked all moderator permissions and they were set correctly. Then I noticed he was also a member of the Elite group. Shouldn't the moderator privileges override the Elite group's permissions?


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Elite group perm for that should be set to "No" not "Never."

"Never" overrides all other perms.

So that, if the Registered group is set to "Never" for that, the function is blocked for everybody, admins and moderators included. Same goes for your Elite usergroup.


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The Elite group was already set to "No". I just set it to "Never" and my moderator is going to test it.

Registered group was set to "No"and still is.


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I just changed my test account to Moderator and Elite. With the permission set to Never I can see
What does it say if you analyze their permissions? Also, does this happen in all Nodes or just a certain one??
It's working now Lee. Changing from no to never for the Elite group did the trick. No idea why, but it's working. It wasn't node specific, I tested that right off the bat.


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That doesn't make any sense.

Setting a permission to Never means the members of that user group will never have that permissions, regardless of what it is set to in any other user groups they are a member of.