XF 1.5 permissions help with ranks/groups


Ok so i have a forum but my problem is if i want someone to be forum mod which i gave them super mod but also want them to be in another group called Head-Admin the problem is if they're in both groups he doesn't get the moderator permissions. Head-Admin only has the standard registered permission but i'd like to be able to have them as both but have mod powers


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Adding to a moderating user group doesn't make some a moderator, that has to be done in ACP > Moderators


The user groups give permissions, even those considered as moderating ones, but it doesn't make someone a moderator.

XenForo permissions are designed to be cumulative so someone being in multiple user groups with the Registered user group as their primary one (it should be primary for everyone) should allow you to give all the necessary permissions if it is set up correctly. Note that Never should be avoided as it can't be overridden, Not Set (No) should generally be used to not give a permission.

This guide is useful to anyone not familiar with this.