XF 1.4 Permissions Help Please!

I've read every tutorial and resource and still can't figure this out. Here's what I want to accomplish. I have a classified forum that I want new registered members to be able to view and reply to threads, but not be able to create a thread until they have 20 posts. The reason I am doing this is to prevent people from joining just to use my site for their free listing. So here's what I tried that didn't work.

The "Registered" users group has permission to start new threads, reply to threads, and view threads in all forums. So in the Classified forum I set the permission to start new threads under the Registered user group to Revoke.

I then created a new user group called "Seller". In the Seller user group permissions, I did not change any of the permissions because (if I understand permissions correctly) that new group will now inherit all of the "Registered" groups permissions. I then created a group promotion (also called "Seller") with the option, must be logged in, belongs to registered user group, and must have 20 posts. Last, I changed the permissions for the Classified forum, under the Seller user group, to allow for the can start new threads option. With all of that, my members still do not have have permission to start new threads even if they meet the criteria of the 20 posts. Also, I assume that the Seller user group automatically gets added as a secondary user group once the 20 posts are met, but when I search for a user that I know has more than 20 posts, there is no secondary user group listed.

So I ask, what am I doing wrong? Or how do I bulk add every member that has over 20 posts to the secondary user group?

Thanks, Jeff
option, must be logged in, belongs to registered user group, and must have 20 posts.
I suspect that the user group promotion may be the issue. I suspect that when members are not logged in, they are not meeting the logged in criteria and are then being demoted.

I think you can make that promotion a lot simpler - it only needs the criteria "User has posted at least 20 messages" and nothing else.

Do note that the criteria is only applied to recently active members. To apply it to everyone you will need to run the "Rebuild User Group Promotions" cache.
I can try that, but if they are not logged in they couldn't make a new thread anyways. I don't allow guests to make threads or reply to them.
Yes but they will already have been demoted. When they log in, they would have to wait for the user group promotion cron to run to be promoted again and chances are they would have gone by then, hence being logged out and so again not meeting the promotion criteria.
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