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XF 1.5 Permissions & Banners

So permissions for us are a real pain right now because we have tons of groups and the other group's users dont have "member" set as primary.

When I set a user's primary group as member, and his secondary as Staff for example, how do I get ONLY the staff banner to show up and not member?
This doesn't answer my question. :)

My member user group has a member badge.
My staff user group has a staff badge.

If I set my staff user's primary user group to registered, and have the staff user group as secondary it will show two badges.

I want to show only 1 badge; the staff badge
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Jeremy P

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It's not possible to choose which banners to display. It's either the highest priority one or all of them.

You could use standard user titles for your registered members instead of banners. That way you could enable banner stacking and just turn on user title hiding.
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