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XF 1.4 permission problems

Hi good afternoon, I setting the permissions issue I look at the problem set permissions according to which groups can see some issues and not others,
I mean
I have several categories are visible to all guests within these forums are, as I have set to enter the category the forum it looks like in the picture below
tema 1.jpg

to access the forum is as follows
when really what I want it to look to enter that forum is this

tema 2.jpg
if anyone can help me ....

Thanks in advance

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The permission system doesn't have that option.

You might consider adding a notice to that node to better inform users about their access. Or you could "hack" it by creating a link-forum to represent that forum. Non-privileged users would have permission to view the link-forum but not the real forum to which the link-forum redirects.