XF 1.3 Perma deleted posts


Out of curiosity, how can you check when someone has permanently deleted a thread in a forum thread?
I don't really care about seeing the content of the deleted post, because I guess permanently deletion is there for a reason (else someone would use soft deleting), still I can't imagine these kind of actions are not logged somewhere.

Moderator logs don't show anything despite me being conscious some posts have been deleted. Same goes for, for example, someone moving a thread. How can we know that this moderator moved that thread at the said time/date? Again, moderator logs don't show anything.

I remember phpBB used to log all these. So I guess xenforo does as well. Helps prevent abusive moderating.



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If posts and threads are permanently deleted, the content is no longer available.

It is logged.



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It's the moderator log.

If it's not being logged on your install, it could be an add-on at play.