XF 2 Perfect regex for posts for german language


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I dont need an addon. I need a perfect regex for my addon that should replace wrong german text in posts before saving them.


Complete sentence.i love ... => Complete sentence. I love ...
after a point we need a space, then we go on with an uppercase, but we dont need regex after three points. I love it soo much ... that i
Also we dont need a regex in www.lala.com

There are many faults i have to see every day and i really hate it. So i would like to have a perfect regex for this problem and many more like:

Upercase for pronomen in direct speach.
Upercase at the beginning of a sentence.
Lowercase of pronomen if not at the beginning or direct speach.
Upercase after , . :

and some more.

I have tried my best, but my regex is still not perfect. And sometimes it makes new faults instead of correct them.

Maybe someone has done this or is able to do it?
Then send me a message, please.
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