XF 2.1 Perfect migration from SMF to xenForo, with some minor glitches (Help needed!)


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Hi all,

I am thrilled to say that my forum migration from SMF to XenForo went without a single glitch. This is pretty good considering my forum is around 1 GB in data, with content going back to 2005.

Despite being operational, I discovered some things that are missing during my testing, would appreciate if someone can help me with them:

-Although the attachment and avatar files were transferred, I noticed not all of them did or at least are not showing. Can I simply upload them from the old forum to the new forum (in case some failed to upload during the migration) and that ensure they show up?

-Same for smileys. Although I love the new set that comes with XF, I noticed all messages contained references to the old forum icons, are now showing as text only instead of the actual image. How would I go about fixing those? for example, the icon for an angel is not showing and is replaced by > 👼
Where do I upload smileys? I didn't find the folder for it, only the one for avatars. And once I upload them, do I have to set each one to have the same code as I did on the old SMF forum, so it shows up properly?

-Although my forum is mainly in English, I do have one small sub-forum section that is in Arabic. I noticed some threads in this section are not displaying proper Arabic font. All I see is question marks (????????) both for the title and the actual message. Specifically, I noticed this is only the case for topics posted after March 2012, with everything before that showing properly. And in fact, anything I post now (after the migration) is showing up properly. Is this something to do with character encoding? I know with SMF I encountered something similar and I was able to fix it by changing the character set. But I can't find that option with XF.

-Last but not least, all posts from my old forum that have a reference to a Youtube clip are only showing as a link and not an embedded video. However, if I post a new post, using the same video link, it will show up as it should (embedded)

Thank you!