XF 1.5 Migration from vb5 to Xenforo: Internal links issue


on 1th of November we migrated my forum (bmwpassion.com) from VB5 to Xenforo 1.5.
I had to do that after migrating in june from vb4 to vb5 (the worst forum on the earth). Vbulletin 5 experience was terrible, So I decided to migrate to Xenforo.
We stayed with vb5 from june till october.

The company who made the migration did not make the redirect for internal links and this is a huge problem because the forum is 15 years old and there are thousand of links and it is impossible to change all them manually.

The company told me that it is not possible to redirect those urls? Is that true?

These are some samples. Try to click on the links and you will be redirect to the home page or to an error page:


If you click on the firts link:

Tutorial e discussioni di largo interesse riguardo le E8x serie 1

this is is the result:


But the right url shoud be this:


If this can help I still have a backup of the forum on vb5:


Someone knows if it is still possible to do something to redirect the internal links?
Or can you tell me about a company that can do this work?

Thank you.



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I can't view the entire page you linked - the resource content is limited to members only.

Generally speaking, redirecting links is possible, relatively easily assuming the content IDs are the same before and after import (which they should be if you imported vBulletin 5 into a fresh XF installation choosing to preserve content IDs). With that, basic scripts can be made to handle redirects.

Not sure why your URLs look so messed up, though.