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XF 1.2 people that i follow, recive alerts or notifications when they post a thread


Active member
i know the title is very brief but is there an add one such as like when you are friends on facebook or following some one on twitter you receive a notification when that users posts or creates or even comments on a thread.

and also have a little side bar widget is possible on user profile page listing recent friends/followers content such as recent posts made by a person this user is following.


User 1 is following user 2.

user 2 posts a new thread and also comment on it.

user one revives a alert and notification via email if chosen this option of what user two has posted and commented on.


Well-known member
There is no alert, and I haven't seen an add on that adds one. However, you van view your news feed to gain an activity stream of friend activities similar to Facebook.