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[PCN] Spotify BBCode

[PCN] Spotify BBCode 1.2.0

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JordanH submitted a new resource:

Spotify BBCode - Add Spotify media to your website

Add a Spotify BB code to your forum. Allow your users to share media from Spotify.
Like this:

There are two ways a user can link to the Spotify song.

1) Using the BB code:
Inside the Media tag will be the track number such as:
2) Link to the content itself:...
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When I copy the url its formatted like this...


and so it doesnt work. If I paste your embed link to the chemical brothers it works.
I never had anyone with problems before. Users on my forum use it often. I'm not sure why copying the song comes out like that. The img I used was directly from spotify them selves:
I'm actually Canadian and Spotify does not allow Canadians to use the service so I can not completely test this to be honest. I had friends test it for me. It was a requested feature I seen so I made it. however due to me Being Canadian, there is a limit on how well I can test the plugin.

Like I said though, the plugin has worked for many so far with no issues. I believe there just must be some sort copying doing wrong on your URL's of some sort.

Take a look at the img below:

Are you sure you are clicking "Copy Spotify URL" and not "Copy HTTP Link" ?


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Will this be upgraded to Xenforo 1.3?
It should actually work fine as a standalone addon in 1.3.

I now understand XenForo 1.3 has a BB Code manager. I am going to be waiting for a stable release to come out before I start seeing what else I can do with the addon.
@JordanH Could you please add playlist support for this? I've tried other bbcode media managers and haven't found one that works yet! I'm running Xenforo 1.2.4, if that makes any difference. :)
I have just installed this spotify addon but it only works if I put the link between media brackets but it does not work when I paste the spotify link directly (just shows the link, does not generate the embedded player).

Also I get an error when I try to insert it as a video.

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