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XF 1.2 PC System Specs (dropdown menu in postbit)

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by Nelson A., Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Nelson A.

    Nelson A. Member


    how to do this?

  2. Manoj_Kumar

    Manoj_Kumar Guest

    Maybe this would work:

    1. Add custom fields for the users to update their System specs.
    2. Edit the message_user_info template with jQuery code. $('.element').slideToggle. The code you are calling will be from:

    <xen:if is="@messageShowCustomFields AND {$user.customFields}">
  3. Nelson A.

    Nelson A. Member

  4. Manoj_Kumar

    Manoj_Kumar Guest

    Trying appending the drop down to the message body element on click.
  5. aruffell

    aruffell Member

    Any update on this as I'd want something similar but the instructions above make no sense to me at all.
  6. Rutger

    Rutger Member

    I was looking for this too. I'm willing to pitch in some money to develop an add-on for this.
  7. aruffell

    aruffell Member

  8. Nelson A.

    Nelson A. Member

    Come on guys, i need to know how to do :)
    This is very useful!
  9. Rixa

    Rixa Member


    I am a beginner and would ask where I can find PC System Specs add-on or how it is "immersed" forum?

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