Paypal transactions with $180M sales tax


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Was downloading and importing some old Paypal transactions and I found a few weird transactions where the sales tax is millions or billions dollars. It does not affect the total but it's very strange nonetheless.

Anyone has any idea what was going on?
Btw, the transactions were over 10 years ago.

Transaction Details   PayPal.png


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As I mentioned in OP, the transaction was in 2000-2001 and it wasn't there when I paid. After all, I paid the total which tax wasn't included.
I think there is some issue with Paypal data that translate some data into that sale tax field. It's just weird and cause the data import/export to mess up with my financial software.


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Oh dear

Sometimes they don't alert you of mistakes for a few years, and then you wind up paying interest and penalties that have accrued for all those 12 years of deferred tax payments.

I'm sorry to say