PayPal purchase in time for sale's end?


I've just purchased a Xenforo License, and Paypal tells me the payment to Xenforo is pending until March 13th. Xenforo tells me I currently have no license.

Will the processing time mean that I have missed the sale of licenses for $110 instead of $140?

I have an email receipt from Paypal for the purchase, but nothing from Xenforo yet, and I'm concerned it may count as me buying it on the 13th instead of on the 7th, which it is now.
If you made the payment before the sale ends you'll be fine.

Sometimes paypal holds a payment for review (quite randomly) and a license is created once the amount is released by paypal.
hey im tryin to buy the forum, but its only giving the paypal option as a form of payment.
You don't need a Paypal account to pay.

The above is what can be accepted. If you can't get your purchase trough, just use the Contact Us form. :)
I have no doubt this will go along fine. When xenForo was released, we early birds bought them at $100 for a limited time. I was using the same e-check route that you're using now. They cleared it with the discount.

At your current e-check pending, you should see the final price - $110. That's what it will be billed as, and cleared as. No questions asked.

So, leave the money in the [source] account until xenForo clears it.
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