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PayPal Down

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by vbresults, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. vbresults

    vbresults Well-Known Member

  2. Da Bookie Mon

    Da Bookie Mon Well-Known Member

    LOL All the people getting mad about Starbucks and it's @piypal not @paypal posting it... Well played...
  3. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    They've been having major issues lately and it's pretty annoying.
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  4. vbresults

    vbresults Well-Known Member

    Probably because of the split with ebay. Their security systems got super strict and sensitive so I've been locked out of my accounts more than once.
  5. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    I don't think their change in company structure broke their technology. They've had issues with rebills/subscriptions, email notifications not being sent, IPNs not working, and push notifications firing too many times (just off the top of my head) the past month or so. I would think none of these were connected to Ebay from the start.

    I could be wrong but I'm pretty confident PayPal and Ebay have had separate servers, technology, and been pretty much separate entities for a long time. They just had the same board and their accounting was together in terms of reporting to investors.

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