Payments other than paypal?


I have over $5000 in my account, and I'm trying to use my debit card to pay for xenforo. However I keep getting this message. The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.

WYNDHAM HOTEL GR DIRECT DEP ACH Ent ry Memo Posted Today 5659.60 5659.91

There is absolutely no reason for my card to be declined as it expires 2/13!


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From PayPal's community forum:
There are several reasons why the payment may not be going through such as seller preferences, PayPal blocking the funding source for security reasons or an inability to gain a successful authorization from your card provider. I would encourage you to contact your card issuer just to ensure they are not experiencing any issues with the card but also consider trying the following.

You mentioned the card was a debit card and with some debit cards they can be charged through our system as either a debit card or a credit card. Try making the payment again and follow these instructions after you have clicked on the 'Pay Now' button to see if the card can be charged as a credit rather than a debit.

1.On the "Check Payment Details" page, click the "Funding Sources" link at the top of the page.

2.Select the "Process via Visa Network" or the "Process via MasterCard Network" button.

3.Click "Submit."

If the payment goes through then all is fine but if you continue to experience issues then I would advise contacting PayPal directly so that we can look into this issue further. Thanks so much for being part of the community and have a great day.


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In the worst case scenario you can:

1. Get verified by linking your bank account to PayPal
2. Buy a prepaid card in person. Many stores carry them. Or get one online. E.g. AmEx


I just went a bought a pre-paid card and solved my problems, however I would consider a direct merchant script that handles credit/debit cards instead of using paypal.
I did find the reason though.

About 2 years ago I was using ebay/paypal and was selling vintage Yammaha audio equipment which was factory sealed, while my customers said everything worked flawless they were mad about a couple scratches and demanded a refund. But because paypal basically ONLY serves the buyers not the sellers, the seller got a refund.
Even ebay at the time went to dispute paypal, I eventually got my money but paypal is just god awful!