Lack of interest Payment Policy, TOS Features/Enforcement?

well i know there may have been a add on for this a while back but, it would be a great to place this into the core

where Terms and Rules, Privacy Policy add the Payment Policy There or allow for users to add there own Policy Link there besides the 2 standard ones.

i would see this usefull in these areas:
allowing developers to integrate this into some of there add ones like Donation Manger or user upgrades by waindigo or any other payment related feature.

allowing for users to read through the policy and agreeing before proceeding with the payment. this would help many forums out there who constantly get bombarded by young adults/people who charge back for there money because they where un happy with the service or because they where banned for abusing the system.

it does clearly state that in my Terms and conditions but no one read them, or gets the chance because new registering users do not acutely see the Terms And Conditions when registering only a simple agree button. (yes there is a link to it and there is that, but wouldn't you think showing a box with the Terms and conditions be more effective?)


allow devs to incorporate these features into there own add ones if already apart of the core

force users to scroll down and read through the Terms and conditions before the option of Agree shows up upon registering and when Terms and conditions are updated forcing them yet again to go to there account profile page and agreeing to the new terms and conditions.

force users to see the Payment policy when donating or paying for user upgrades thus the user has to scroll down to the bottom before he or she may see the agree button and able to press on it before proceeding the the final payment.