XF 2.1 Payment methods are not supported in Turkey


Unfortunately, PayPal is not supported in turkey. Other payment methods are evaluated by the dollar rate. However, in Turkey dollar rate is very high. This situation is a major obstacle to our sales to users. This problem only complain I have not many licensed users xenforo in Turkey. We want to use our local payment method manually. For example, in Turkey we want to realize our site a local sales manually manipulate the payment approval. We cannot sell because the store add-ons we use support xenforo payment method. We cannot even install products with our store plugin. We ask for payment method. But PayPal has been banned in Turkey. Other payment methods are international. We want to confirm the payment by using our own payment method. Please note this recommendation. Xenforo is a great software, but we have to get paid to enable users to continue providing sustainable service. We are having problems because we are unable to add payment methods for both user upgrade and product sales. Turkey is a large market and we can not evaluate it.

Thank you for reading.