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Does anyone know if the "buy now" button in the new Resources area comes with the add-on? If not, does anyone know how to add a Paypal "buy now" button to that area?

In general, how does one add a "buy now" button to any post (or resources page)? Someone mentioned that the Paypal html code needs to be converted to a CSS code. Does anyone know how to do this?

Alternatively I know I can upload a picture that says "buy now" and link it to the Paypal url, however, this may be too complicated for my members.

Any suggestion?
Not sure I understand Brogen. Done "automatically," does that mean there are boxes to check and a Paypal url to link? But what about "buy now" or Paypal buttons in regular posts? How do I convert those codes into CSS?
I'm not sure what you're asking.

If it is a paid resource, which the author can choose, the buttons are automatically created and added to the resource and the discussion thread.
Okay, but where does the "buy now" button lead the buyer? To a paypal page or a shopping cart or does it link to their website where the product is located? I guess I'm trying to figure out the sequence of events for both the buyer and the seller.

I'm asking 2 things really. The other thing I wanted to ask is how to convert a regular paypal html "buy now" code into CSS. When I use the "code" function in a regular post (not a resources post), it does not accept the html code. And I can't figure out how to convert the html code into CSS.
Yes, I understand that it would work like that for me, but the members won't understand this. I need to figure out how to give them EASY instructions on how to add their paypal codes to their own posts. Hence why it would be easier to direct them to the "code" tab when creating a new post and have them enter their paypal code directly there (rather than adding a picture and then helping them figure out where to get their paypal links, it's just too complicated for them).
I'm trying to link the "Buy Now" button back to our Paypal email address...or should I link it back to another page?

My issue is that our Premium Members are unable to renew their memberships...we recently switched from vB to xF. I'm assuming by default, the URL link was:


Whenever you click on that, it takes you to an Error page...
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