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Add-on [Paying] RuneScape Price Checking script.

This is a big mod. Only looking for trusted members due to the large size of this. Or payment after.

Tell users to turn adblock off.


All users require an account WITH 10 POSTS IN THE FORUMS to use this tool. In the case of this business model, users are coming to me for my service, and to maintain it being free I would ask users to turn off adblock. If possible, I would ask you to make the rotating list adblock resistant. In which they will not load unless adblock is disabled on the page. Might sound crazy, but trust me.

The page should also (if possible) display a 10 minuite countdown timer (on item index) and refresh the page automatically when the countdown is completed. Main reason for this is re-engaging on twitch and also showing as recently active on the forums.

Section 1:
Twitch Stream:
At the top of the page, there will be placed a Twitch stream (my personal one) as to grow the stream, my personal way of advertising this product. Plus I get a large advertising platform for future projects such as this.

Must have:
Twitch stream + chat located at the top of the page.
Currently the stream is there constantly, it can be an eye sour when I am not live/streaming. 2 options.
1) Make the stream + chat only show up when my stream is live. API here : http://dev.twitch.tv/ . This is unlikely to be possible.
2) Add a toggle in the admin panel for me to switch on/off to display the twitch infomation showing. No idea how easy/hard this would be in xenforo.

Important notes:

Site Links:
https://rsbuddy.com/exchange - Search function. Base site.
https://rsbuddy.com/exchange?id=11832& - example page used in images. Graphs.
https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/summary.json - API summary. Open it in mozilla.
https://api.rsbuddy.com/grandExchange?a=guidePrice&i= - default link to find item info. Adding the item ID (example: 4151) to the end will show thats items info.
https://api.rsbuddy.com/grandExchange?a=graph&start=1425921352106&g=1440&i= - bought, sold and completed prices. Adding the item ID (example: 4151) to the end will show thats items info.

Section 2:
Item Rotation:

Must have:
Under the stream is the RuneScape Item Rotation. All of the numbers will be pulled from the RSBuddy API (linked above) and the infomation collected. Positive numbers will be placed in this list with 5 items showing at a time. As one scrolls in, the bottom one leave. 5 on display with the top of the list (with the item name, and key) being frozen so it never goes off screen.

If possible:
On the graphic, there are 3 buttons placed. Sorting the items that show (appearing on the list) by the button choice. Margin would be the default. Price high-low and low-high would order them in such a way by the item buy price.

Section 3:
Search Database:

Must have:
A search function (with images I have downloaded) the same as OSbuddy, where it begins to auto complete and suggest items (after 3-5 characters).

If possible:
Keep up to date with the API, when the game (RuneScape) adds new items, the search function automaticly adds them in.

Section 4:
Variable charts:

If Possible:
Optional tool to allow me to personally select my own items and choose the columns. This sounds like it would be an insane amount of work, so this is a total additional extra that doesn't need to be included.

Section 5:
Visable Graphs:

Must have:
As displayed on ( https://rsbuddy.com/exchange?id=11832& ) there are graphs which display infomation (same as the votes on minecraft-server.net) and I would like these to track prices. Some of my users have asked for both the Buy and Sell to be tracked, also up to every 15 mins. More likely best to stick to 3-6 hours.

Section 6:
Item Information:

Must have:
All numbers listed in the image, most are tracked within the json from rsbuddy. Additional ones are added by me as you can see, these can be worked out with simple equations. I will list these to you and how they are worked out. PHP maths can manage it fine. Suggested items should be stuff that has similar words, or prices. Whichever is more applicible and easy to code.

If possible:
Only if Twitch showing only when online is possible, display it on the Item info page. Would take alot of bandwidth on the info pages so debating if it should be included.