Lack of interest pay, paste and save, Content Advertising for selected Forums


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I wish XenForo had a better advertising option for the forums (pay, paste and save) ONE announcement at a time.

I invested in the Resource Manager , thinking I could model it to my specific content but NO ONE in almost a year uses it. Its too complicated and out of site for the advertisers to even take the time to try learn and try it.
I will not renew it again.

My advertisers want inline forum advertising, not some complicated subscribe to Resource Manager. Advertisers seem to like something they can simply copy/paste in a forum and save. They want their product announcements to appear in the same format as an OP. Advertisers are often not even frequenting your foums. they are on dozens of them for one shot at a time.
They don't even see the upgrade path to subscribe. This method is way too time consuming , off the beaten trail.
A lot of companies hire global advertising chains to do their marketing. These people have someone in their firm that copies content. They need simple. If they can pay, paste and save, wouldn't that be great!?

If we had a simple add-on like this, which is supported by XenForo, I would pay for it. I do not want some third party add-on that could become outdated later. I mean, try explaining a service gone buggy to a paying customer.
I am using XenCentral which is good but setup for banners and text ads. I need something ideal for forum content controlled by Xenforo team.