Add-on [Pay for] Delete Own Account


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I am looking for a group permission based Add-On that would allow a user to delete their account, but not their posts.


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What's the ETA, when do you want it by?

I will be working on this anyway, since I need it myself. But I have a few personal plugins to finish of for a large project

Nijad.. I didn't know about that, nice ;)

Saves me some time :)


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I am not if this is sure, but this is why big boards do not delete accounts, I have heard
them mention that it can cause havoc, also, lets say you have a member that has 5k
posts, do you really want to let those posts slip out the door? once a user
is deleted, then so will all the posts that the member created along the way....

ah, now i read the end of your sentence, delete member, but not the posts.
I think it would just be just as easy to ban the user instead...