Add-on [Pay] / XML datafeed in XenForo

Hello there,

I'm looking for someone who is willing to develop an add-on for XenForo 1.3 for the or XML datafeed (more information here and here).

Basic requisites:

1) Fully integrated into XenForo's layout and widget framework;

2) Full store implemented from datafeed, including individual products, so that in effect I'd have the entire product range in individual pages inside my Xenforo website (like here, only integrated with XenForo, of course);

3) SEO-friendly URLs (to be discussed) and if possible, integrated in some way with the Sitemap for Xenforo add-on.

I also have a few other ideas which I'd be happy to explore.

I've had something similar many, many years ago on my website, based on an old script developed by One Click Design, which is now defunct. I still have the PHP script available, if that's any help.

Also, there is something similar to what I'm trying to achieve (without the XenForo integration, of course) here.

Anyone interested? Thanks!